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  • Hot Mama: Modern Mom’s Lolita Carrico connects more than 150,000 moms, has corralled corporate sponsorship from Mattel, AOL and Clorox, and has expanded into offline events.
    Redbook Magazine
  • Heather Meeker
    Lolita is a entrepreneur, media maven, blogger and mom… but most of all, she is a forward thinker.
    Heather Meeker
    Girls in Tech
  • John King
    Lolita Carrico is a front runner, one of the early visionaries in marketing to moms. Her ability to sense trends and speak to the heart of issues facing women consumers proved itself in her loyal and active community. Always with an eye towards where things are going, Lolita is a delight to work with.
    John King
    Lucid Marketing
  • Michelle Crames
    Lolita is smart, creative, and resourceful. She knows the mom space inside out, but her skills go way beyond, she can successfully put together any number of social media campaigns and digital media strategies. She’s also a pleasure personally to work with.
    Michelle Crames
    Giiv / Skuloop / Lean Forward Media
  • Amy Swift
    I co-hosted and moderated a panel featuring four hugely successful entrepreneurial women and Lolita held her own and more. Lolita was informative, specific, charismatic and relatable to an audience full of both business owners and moms in business for themselves. She was a crowd favorite!
    Amy Swift
  • Jim Lin
    Lolita is hands down the most driven person I know. Coupled with a sharp business instinct, this has gotten her deservedly far in her career. Which is the reason why I have worked with her in some capacity or other for the past decade.
    Jim Lin
  • Kevin Burke
    Lolita was way ahead of everyone else, and I suspect she still is, when it comes to building a community of mothers online.
    Kevin Burke
    Lucid Marketing
  • Mike Corbera
    One of the best hires of my career.
    Mike Corbera
  • Carley Knobloch
    Lolita is a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the online space. Any time spent with her is BEYOND valuable, and her business acumen is only eclipsed by how genuine and generous she is.
    Carley Knobloch
  • Lolita launched myGLOSS.com almost two months earlier than originally planned because of a major partner that wanted to do a campaign with [her new project].
    Entrepreneur Magazine